I Hope American Horror Story: Salem Includes Dylan McDermott Crying Naked

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Dylan McDermott blew the not-surprising whistle on the upcoming third season of American Horror Story.  It's about the Salem Witch Trials!  Which is something everyone in the entire country guessed during the end of season two.

I'm thrilled that Taissa Farmiga (Violet from the first season) is returning, as well as Dylan McDermott, Lily Rabe, Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson.  Durmot Mulroney–oops just kidding, Dylan McDermott–reported that Kathy Bates will be joining the cast this fall as well:

“Kathy Bates is perfect.  She really is. All the witches of Salem…there's plenty of them!”

What Dylan McDermott has not spoiled is the possibility of a scene or two of his character crying while masturbating naked.  Because I don't know about you, but that's something I'm very interested in.

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While it's not officially entitled American Horror Story: Salem, it does, however, officially have a million Tumblrs dedicated to it:

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And my personal favorite:

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