Sorry, Tumblr: It’s American Horror Story: Coven, not Salem

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American Horror Story: Coven

The fabulous and sometimes overly inflated Ryan Murphy has finally released the title of the upcoming season 3 of American Horror Story! Despite everyone's guesses (and Tumblr obsessions), it will be called American Horror Story: Coven instead of the much-anticipated “Salem.”

I must say, I'm diggin' it.  “Salem” was the easy way out, and it pretty much spoiled an entire season right in the title.  I mean, who doesn't know about the history of Salem and its witches?  Who hasn't suffered through The Crucible movie with Winona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis after reading the novel in sophomore year English? No one.  At least no one that went to my high school, anyway.  I prefer Hocus Pocus myself.

Coven has the possibility of covering so much more witchy material!  It doesn't necessarily have to revolve around Salem, the 15th century Puritan lifestyle, or Joan Allen and Danny Day lowering themselves career-wise.  The main location shooting for season 3 is New Orleans, which definitely piques my interest more than having to suffer through the cast's paltry attempts at a New England accent.  Ryan Murphy is notorious for keeping his work under wraps, but he gives us a little tease (and validates everything I just said- amazing timing, I know):

“It's a really cool story we've been talking about for a couple of years. So we're going to do that. The fun thing is researching what are the really haunted places in America, and we have a couple doozy locales.”

Kathy Bates has also officially confirmed reports that she will go head-to-head with returning star Jessica Lange. Does it get any more amazing than that?  Only Kathy were to be cast as the CEO of Sabre, I guess, but I doubt that's happening.

I love everything about the American Horror Story anthology, even the really really bad parts, but my hope is that season 3 will stick to what works and not try to cover 74+ plotlines in 13 episodes. Sorry, Asylum.

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