11 Cute Photos Of The American Horror Story Cast That Will Make The Show Less Scary

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angela basset witch american horror story covenHave you been watching American Horror Story: Coven? It's been pretty crazy so far. And by “pretty crazy” I mean “OMG I'M OBSESSED WITH IT.” I loved the previous two seasons, but I think this one is my favorite by far. If you're obsessed with it too, you're probably interested to see how the cast gets along behind the scenes. Since they star on such a twisted show (part of which is based on a true story), are they able to have fun when the cameras aren't rolling? The answer, based on the photos they've shared on social media, is a definite yes.

If you watch this show mostly through the spaces between your fingers, you might need a pleasant reminder that this is all just make believe, and it's being make-believed into glorious existence by some fun-loving, adorable people. So before you watch tonight's new episode (10 PM ET on FX, set an alarm) check out these cute behind-the-scenes photos the show's cast and creator, Ryan Murphy, were kind enough to share, and remember that they're just a bunch of friendly people playing pretend. There are even a few throwbacks tossed in, just in case you're catching up on past seasons.

What's this? Oh, just three witches being silly, courtesy of Lily Rabe's Instagram.

Sarah Paulson is particularly adorable, and makes frequent appearances on Lily's Instagram.

Here they are again being goofy, in video form.

Emma Roberts captioned this “My favorite girl.” Madison and Queenie getting along? What is this?!

Hanging by the pool with Zachary Quinto. Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Thredson, together again.

Speaking of Dr. Thredson, did you know he plays the banjo?

Angela Bassett shared this photo on Twitter. I can't handle the amount of fabulous contained in this image.

Angela Bassett Jessica Lange Kathy Bates

Just a smiling couple starring on a bloody horror show together. The usual.

Sarah shared this pic of her and Lizzie Brochere on Twitter last year. Look how cute they are in their asylum threads.

Sarah Paulson Lizzie Brochere 2012

Another throwback to Asylum. Sister Mary Eunice doesn't seem so menacing like this.

Here the sentiment is cuter than the photo. Sarah captioned this: “Hey @t_farmiga it was um, really good to see you today? Not sure why you didn't say hello.” PERFECT. Where my season one fans at?

Sarah Paulson Taissa Farmiga Twitter 2013

(Lead GIF: Tumblr)