Did Amber Riley Announce She’s Leaving Glee Over Twitter?

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Did Amber Riley Announce She s Leaving Glee Over Twitter  amber riley a p 0 jpgWith the Glee season finale coming up in just a few weeks, we’re hearing more and more reports about which of the young actors are graduating with their characters, and which ones are finding contrived reasons to stay at McKinley High for at least another year. Jane Lynch made it sound like Quinn (Dianna Agron) is one of the glee kids who gets out of Lima, and now it appears as if Mercedes will be joining her. Yesterday evening, actress Amber Riley tweeted,

That’s a wrap on Amber Riley! Just closed a chapter in my life, the only thing I’ve known day in and day out for three years. I’m going to miss the whole Glee family, seeing them everyday! I have so many brothers and sisters now 🙂 But I am looking forward to a much needed and deserved summer vacation! SCHOOL’S OUT Glee Kids! Let’s play!

Yeah, that definitely sounds like a permanent goodbye, with the usual nostalgia we’ve heard from other cast members about getting the chance to relive high school for the past three years. (Not our idea of a good time, but to each their own.) Even though Amber’s followup tweet was Stay tuned to see what happens to Mercedes 😉, we agree with HuffPo that she was likely just referring to the last few episodes of season 3.

I have this tagged with “spoilers,” but at this point it’s really not a shock if Glee‘s young cast members step out of the spotlight after the season 3 finale. I mean, it’s an unprecedented bit of realism for this show that jumped the shark back in season 2, but it’s also not a huge surprise if some of the actors started to get restless for new roles, or simply didn’t want to have to sing, dance, and act day in and out. Amber doesn’t have any projects lined up, but it sounds as if she’s not looking forward to another difficult gig for a little while.

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