Amber Portwood’s Brother’s Support Might Be Just What She Needs

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After all the information that's come out about Amber Portwood legal troubles in the last few months, from her home detention to the most recent news that she failed to take her daily urine test finding out she wants to get custody of her daughter Leah back is a little worrying.

It's not that someone, especially someone as young as Amber, can't get their life back together to provide a stable home for their child, it's just she's shown time and time again, on camera and in the news, that for all her good intentions she keeps slipping into bad habits.

The news that she wants to regain custody (Gary Shirley has full custody of their daughter right now) comes from Amber's brother Shaun who explained, “Her entire life is dedicated to getting it together so she can get Leah back. And she’s going to do it.” He also added that he thought Amber's house detention time at her grandparents will be just the thing to get her back on track.

More than than her drive to win back her daughter I think having a family member like her brother believe in her so strongly might be helpful to getting Amber to a place that would allow her to be provide a good home for her kid. Having goals and dreams is one thing, but having a support system is what can help you achieve them.