Pardon Me If I Only Watch The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer To See EmmAndrew Flirt

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield flirt in Spider Man GIFYou guys, if I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell anyone at my work? I think my next door desk neighbor Meg would disown me for life if she knew this — but I haven't actually seen the new(ish) Spider-Man movie.

I'm not judging them or anything, I'm sure they're great! I just couldn't be bothered to, given how quickly they're rebooting the franchises these days (didn't Tobey Maguire just upside-down-kiss Kirsten Dunst in the rain?!?). I feel like I'd go see it and by the time I was through the line for popcorn, they'd already be casting the prequel or something. My tender constitution can't handle it. But for all my hemming and hawing, this trailer for the second film in the sequence might just be enough to change my mind.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield flirt in Spider Man GIF 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't in theaters until May 2014, but after watching Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield flirt adorably for, like, ten seconds in the preview, I don't know if I can wait that long. THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE AND REAL. I can't stand it. Also are we calling them Emmandrew? Because we should be calling them that. Probably everyone is already and I'm the last belle to this ball, but I don't mind. Emmandrew Emmandrew Emmandrew.

…sorry. I'm just a little giddy from peering in the windows at celebrity love in its purest form. I'm like the little match girl of famous romance, and I don't care who knows it. I'm sure a lot of people out there (cough cough MEG cough cough) are watching this for the story and the action and whatnot, but I'm about to watch it four more times in a row just for the glorious way that Andrew says that being shot at was implied and the way that Emma laughs after he says it.

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