Amazing Race 14: Tammy & Victor Win!

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[Photo: © 2009 CBS Corporation, All Rights Reserved]

Amazing Race 14  Tammy   Victor Win  tammy victor win jpg
[Photo: © 2009 CBS Corporation,
All Rights Reserved]

Congratulations, Tammy & Victor for winning The Amazing Race!

This was truly one of the most memorable season of Amazing Race ever. I have watched and loved them all, but this season is right up there with my favorites. I thought all season that it would come down to Luke & Margie against Tammy & Victor, but had no idea that Jaime & Cara would be the third team.

Tammy & Victor are such a cool pair of people. They are seriously competitive, but not in a mean way at all. They didn’t try to hurt any of the others but played to their own strengths, and they mostly were very supportive of each other through the entire race. That’s a quality that isn’t seen as often as it should be. They are both very smart and tenacious and very much deserve to be the winners.

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The season was also special because a team of two women came pretty close to winning it. Jaime & Cara were at the mercy of goofy cab drivers a lot in the race, or they might just have won it.

They alienated people along the way with some mean comments, but I loved how they helped Luke & Margie at the last Road Block. They did work with them as friends through the entire race and that shows that underneath it all, they do have a kind side too.

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And even though Luke & Margie came in third in the race, they were my favorites all season long. I completely admire Luke’s courage to take on such a challenge even though he is deaf.

He has proven to us all that just because a person is deaf, it doesn’t mean it has to stop them from taking on and conquering huge challenges. They can do pretty much anything they set their mind to. (After all, remember a couple of seasons ago on Dancing With the Stars, Marlee Matlin made it pretty far in the competition and she couldn’t even hear the music!)

I know Margie has to be one of the most proud mothers ever…and to be able to watch her son finish the Amazing Race on Mother’s Day has to be a wonderful feeling for her! He’s a wonderful young man.

I say to all three teams: Well done! It was a tough race and there were many memorable moments. It would have been great to see any of the three teams win. They are all great competitors!