Amanda Seyfried’s Bruise Makeup Shows Lovelace Will Be Tough To Watch

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For anyone still laboring under the delusion that Lovelace will be a fun movie full of sexxxy girls and 70s porno hijinx, here is the Wikipedia entry on Linda Lovelace here are some photos of Amanda Seyfried filming a dramatic scene with some very convincing bruise makeup on her face.

The photo above is jarring, to say the least. Here's another one from the same scene:

While the first look at Amanda as Linda showed her looking somewhat happy with her creepy husband Chuck Traynor (as played by Peter Sarsgaard), these photos tell a different story: Traynor abused his young wife and forced her to perform in pornographic films against her will, prompting her to eventually become an anti-porn crusader. I have no doubt Seyfried will do a fine job with this difficult role, but I'm not really looking forward to watching those gritty scenes. In any case, I'm already certain this film will surpass Inferno (the one that initially cast Lindsay Lohan in the lead) in both realism and sensitivity.

(Via HuffPo)