Amanda Seyfried Talking About Her Boyfriend Justin Long Is Ten Shades Of Adorable

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Amanda Seyfried talking about Justin Long on The Ellen Show May 2014I don't know if you've noticed, but it's a been a fairly weird week. We started it off with that leaked footage of Solange attacking Jay Z, and things never really calmed down from there. It's been pretty stressful, so why don't we all take this opportunity to unwind with Amanda Seyfried for a bit? It is Friday, after all, and listening to her talk about her relationship with semi-new-boyfriend Justin Long is the perfect thing to help you relax into your weekend.

We don't know exactly when Amanda and Justin began dating officially, but they started being labeled as a couple in August of 2013, almost exactly nine months ago. But since they're both very mellow, laid-back people, they haven't really discussed each other in the media that much, at least not that I'm aware of. So leave it to interview-wizard Ellen DeGeneres to finally get Amanda talking about her relationship! Even though she begins the interview saying ‘my boyfriend' instead of calling him by his name, and insisting that their couple-age hasn't been going on long enough for her to talk about it, she ends up giving up the deets anyway.

Praise you, Ellen. Praise you. Apparently the two of them ‘do everything together', as long as everything consists of walking Amanda's dog, making smoothies, and watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Oh and going on vacation together once every five years.

Long story short, they're total homebodies, which makes me want to get on the horn to schedule a game night faster than you can say ‘Cards Of Humanity'. I feel like it must be so important as a celebrity to carve out personal time for yourself and your partner, and the fact that theirs is so low-key and that she can't talk about him without smiling makes me feel like they're super well-matched. And that also we should be friends, as previously mentioned.

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime, guys. I'm like all over the internet, and I could really stand to be exposed to a celebrity relationship that doesn't culminate in elevator-assaults.