This Video Of Amanda Seyfried Rapping Is The Single Most Precious Way To Start Your Week

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Amanda Seyfried Radio 1xtra Rapping

Amanda Seyfried has officially found and activated my Kryptonite, which is non-rapper celebrities rapping. It's a very specific weakness to have, I know. But that doesn't stop me from becoming powerless against the forces of adorableness that dominate the second that an already sort of adorable famous person goes and unexpectedly raps some stuff.

Amanda, along with Seth MacFarlane, were just chillin' with the host of BBC Radio 1xtra (do you know how to pronounce that, because I do not), as you do. The duo was there to promote their new movie A Million Ways To Die In The West — otherwise known as You've Seen One Seth Macfarlane Project, You've Seen Them All. But they just ended up promoting Amanda's sick rap skillzzz. And of course she did it by time-traveling back approximately one million years and spitting a little It's All Over by the band of yore 5ive.

Prepare to feel a mixture of childlike joy and a wish to bottle Amanda's own childlike adorableness. Basically, just a super-cute time is upon us.

“I could do more, but it, like, really sounds ridiculous.” No Amanda. Please literally never stop rapping. Do all of your movies in rap form, and definitely do all of your interviews that way as well. Because there is nothing cuter in this whole wide world than watching you recite this rap from the Stone Age, while Seth stifles squees and laughter. Like ME. And all of the world, probably most definitely.