Um, Is Amanda Seyfried Trying To Tell Us That She’s Pregnant?

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19th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards - ArrivalsConspiracy alert! Is Amanda Seyfried trying to tell us, the unsuspecting public, that she's pregnant?? She was photographed at the Screen Actors Guild Awards yesterday, and it seems like she may have had a pretty accurate idea of how boring the show was, because she added in some delicious baby rumor flava. LOOK AT HER IN THAT PICTURE. Her flat stomach is saying, “This is the last time I'll be able to wear this beautiful Zac Posen dress before I blow up like a trendy balloon.” Her pendant is subtly drawing the eye to the womb-al region. Her hands are saying, “Within our gentle embrace slumbers a tiny, bean-shaped fetus.” Her fingernails are saying, “We are already short and baby-proof so as not to accidentally scratch any delicate baby skin.” And her face is saying, “Good golly I just can't imagine how a sweet Southern belle like myself got herself into such a prickly predicament!” (Amanda is from Allentown, Pennsylvania, which is south of…other parts of Pennsylvania. So my reference works, don't worry.)

SAG Awards ArrivalsAll signs are pointing to the fact that Amanda is blowing up her own spot and releasing the story before the tabloids have even started speculating about it. Before she's even been linked to a specific guy, in fact. Which, when you think about it, is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy. You scooped the scoopers. Now we're all gonna have to be scrambling to catch up and follow you around the farmer's market to find out who planted this theoretical baby in your belly. Who started this bun a-bakin'. Who got you all pregnant. As we reported previously, it could be literally anyone. Here are the six most likely candidates. That said, I personally am assuming it's Justin Bieber. He may not be our our list, but that boy needs a comeback like you wouldn't belieber.

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