The First Lovelace Stills Are Here, And Amanda Seyfried Looks Extra Porn-y

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Lovelace stillThe Sundance Film Festival starts tomorrow, so anyone lucky enough to be attending that will be able to see Lovelace, the new biopic starring Amanda Seyfried as legendary porn actress Linda Lovelace, who starred in the equally legendary Deep Throat. But if you have no immediate plans to travel to Park City, Utah in the foreseeable future, you'll have to be satisfied with these two stills of Lovelace, featuring a very brown-haired and brown-eyed Amanda.

In the first one, above, Amanda is getting ready to…shall we say fellate her fellow pornstar Harry Reems, played by Adam Brody, while some other famous people that you'll probably recognize stand around in the back. That is, if you can tear your eyes away from the imminent blowie.There's Hank Azaria sitting in the director's chair, playing Jerry Damiano, the director of Deep Throat, with Bobby Canavale on one side and Chris Noth, who's listed on IMDb as playing Anthony Romano…a politician, on the other. So that's odd. Other non-pictured odd casting choices are Sarah Jessica Parker as Gloria Steinem and James Franco as Hugh Hefner. How very odd.

Lovelace still Amanda Seyfried

There's also a still of her at some sort of convention, looking tastefully virginal in a white dress. I have to say I'm not totally sure I'll be able to sit through this movie. Based on things that Amanda has said in interviews, some of the simulations are pretty…vivid. I mean, it's a film about a porn star, so there's gonna be some porn in it. Even though Linda Lovelace herself ultimately became very anti-porn herself and began speaking out against it, this movie documents her between the ages of 20-30 when she was still pretty deep (throat) into the whole business. I just don't think of sweet little Amanda Seyfried that way, but I guess that's the whole point of actors, right? That they don't always behave like themselves in movies in which they don't actually portray themselves? Aha. I might be on to something.

(Images: E! via Dale Robinette)