First Look: Amanda Seyfried And Peter Sarsgaard As Linda Lovelace And Her Creepy Husband

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Amanda Seyfried is almost unrecognizable as average-woman-turned-iconic-porn-star Linda Lovelace, in this first image from the biopic Lovelace. The movie aims to tell us the real story behind Linda, the seemingly fun-loving, sexually confident woman who starred in the infamous Deep Throat porn back in the '70s. Linda Boreman, as she was known outside of the movies, was married to Chuck Traynor (portrayed here by Peter Sarsgaard with very creepy facial hair); later in life, she accused him of forcing her into the movie under threats of beating and other abuse.

As you might've guessed, the photo above is from happier, pre-Deep Throat times. The movie also stars Demi Moore as feminist Gloria SteinemJames Franco as Hugh Hefner; and Adam Brody as Harry Reems, who plays the doctor who informs Linda's character that her clitoris is stuck in the back of her throat and she must perform oral sex to get rid of her “tingle.” Oh, the '70s.