Amanda Seyfried Gets Mistaken For LiLo At The Airport, Causes Me To Lose All Faith In Airport Security

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Amanda Seyfried Lindsay Lohan Airport Tweet

Yesterday Amanda Seyfried tweeted out to the world that someone at Newark airport confused her and her Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan. Because if you squint with your good eye, remove your glass eye and turn around in a circle six times while doing angel dust, they kinda do look alike. The only real difference is that one has blonde hair and one has a court order to go to rehab.

While it's unclear in her tweet who exactly confused her and Lindsay Lohan, I can't help but blame airport security. Even if it wasn't them, it's still their fault. After all, they let a complete idiot make it past them. And if I'm not mistaken myself, their job is to look for weapons, liquids and the dumb idiots who don't understand how boarding by zone works. Sorry I'm not sorry to say that if you can't match the number on your ticket to the number being called by the gate agent, you don't deserve to fly. And I bet your bottom dollar that the person who confused Linds and Amands is the same person who tried to board during zone 1 time, despite being in zone 4.

We are living in a topsy-turvy world folks and I'm no longer sure which way is up and which twin is Hallie and which Lindsay Lohan court outfit is my favorite. All I do know is that somewhere out there (or not so much out there as in the Newark airport) is a person who's not keeping up with their celebrity news. After all, how could you ever confuse Cady Heron and Karen Smith?

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(Photos: Ralph, PacificCoastNews.com/Santa Monica Police Department, Supplied by PacificCoastNews.com, GIF: Tumblr)