Amanda Seyfried Looks Much Happier Than Anne Hathaway On The Les Mis Set Because She Didn’t Have To Starve Herself

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Amanda Seyfried Les Miserables set Cosette Anne Hathway starvingThis photo of Amanda Seyfried laughing between takes on the set of Les Miserables is in stark contrast to a candid of Amanda's co-star Anne Hathaway, taken a few days earlier: Whereas Anne looked as if she could barely stay on her feet what with her skinny frame brought on by rapid weight loss, Amanda seems to be having the best time. Not to mention, her cheeks are rosy and not two gaunt indentations in her face.

Obviously there are big differences between the two women's roles: Anne plays emaciated factory worker Fantine, who has to turn to prostitution in order to provide for herself and her illegitimate child Cosette. Amanda is Cosette all grown up, having flourished under Valjean‘s (Hugh Jackman) care. The latter role didn't call for Amanda to starve herself; for all we know, producers could have asked her to eat some more so as to look healthy for 1800s Paris.

However, it's still jarring to see the utter difference in these actresses' experiences. Will Anne get more props for adhering to the “realism” of her character's situation? Or will her brief part in the movie be overlooked in favor of Amanda's more starring role?

Photo: Splash News Online via JustJared