Amanda Seyfried In Talks To Star In Linda Lovelace Biopic

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What is it about the Hollywood collective unconscious that causes multiples of the same movie to get made at the same time? Just in the last little while, we've had news of multiple Snow Whites and multiple Jeff Buckley movies, as well as multiple Linda Lovelace biopics.

There's been news of a few different Lovelace scripts floating around for a while now, but it seems one is head (heh) and shoulders above the rest, both in terms of the talent attached, and how close it is to actually getting made. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lovelace, a film based on the biography The Complete Linda Lovelace (published in 2001, a year before she died), is set to be directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Seyfried is currently in talks to star in it, and Peter Sarsgaard (not to be confused with A-Skars) is in talks to play her abusive pornographer husband, Chuck Traynor. Legions of the fresh-faced young actress' creepy fans just got really, really excited.

Seyfried might seem like an odd choice to play a downward-spiraling porn star, as she's still primarily known for playing sweet and innocent characters like Sarah on Big Love, but she's a good enough actress that I'm sure she'll convince us. Furthermore, she has already played a crazy hooker in Chloe (opposite Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore) and she was great.

It would seem this is shaping up to be the slightly more highbrow of the two competing Linda Lovelace projects; Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story is reportedly going to star Malin Akerman (who is more of a model than an actress, at this point) and Matt Dillon. This is also the project that hired and fired Lindsay Lohan a bunch of times, so yes, points off for that.

May the most depressing Linda Lovelace biopic win!

(Via Variety)