Amanda Seyfried Makes Drinking For Courage Look Charming On Late Night With David Letterman

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Amanda Seyfried Late Night

I always thought that Amanda Seyfried was probably a little stuck up. I'm happy to admit how wrong I've been all these years.

Last night while appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman to promote her new movie Les Miserables, Amanda revealed to Dave that she had three drinks before coming on the show. Gasp! And that's not all!

Amanda also voluntarily offered up the info that she’s never done a live television show without having a drink and even admits to having a drinking problem. But hold your horses, folks. There's no scandal here! It’s not because she’s really an alcoholic guys, she’s just nervous to do live shows! There’s no chance she’ll turn into that certain mean co-star you know that I’m referring to. Phew.

I love Amanda's ability to make fun of herself, while simultaneously expressing genuine concern for those who may actually have a problem–a skill most never manage to obtain. She might just become my new favorite actress.

The most important fact in this clip is that Amanda's drink of choice is Whiskey. This is great to know since I’m her secret santa this year and I haven’t gotten her a Christmas present yet. Thanks for the tip, Mandy! (We've leaped to BFF status over here.)

Overall I think I’m most concerned for David Letterman. During the interview he tells Amanda that he used to be a terrible alcoholic and quit when he was 32…only to follow that up with taking a giant swig of Jameson. Now is that setting any kind of example, Dave?

[Via CBS Television]