Video: Turns Out Amanda Seyfried Has A Thing For Taxidermy Animals

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Last night Amanda Seyfried went on Conan with the intention of promoting her upcoming movie Gone. However her serial killer interests got the best of her and she decided to instead discuss her great interest in taxidermied animals. Although, I don't know where the line is between “interest” and “fetish” because she goes on to list several taxidermy animals she has in her possession; including a miniature horse, a chick named Linda and an Owl named Beatrix. Because why wouldn't a contender for America's next up-and-coming sweetheart have a home filled with dead animals. Welcome to Hollywood!

As a gift and as a possible peace offering not to kill him, Conan gives Amanda the show's taxidermied raccoon, complete with a jet pack. While she at first accepts the gift with great enthusiasm, she quickly changes her mind when she realizes that it's extremely poor craftsminship. That's not to say that she gives it back, nope she talks about Gone while she strokes the dead raccoon. It's charming and a must-see!