Who Is Amanda Seyfried Secretly Banging? A List Of Likely Candidates

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Today on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Amanda Seyfried stopped by to promote Les Miserables by being her usual, charming self. She told a story about getting a birthday lap dance from Hugh Jackman, which got me thinking…is Amanda Seyfried banging Hugh Jackman? If not, then who?

She's said that being constantly hounded by the paparazzi makes dating difficult for her, so I'm assuming she's gotten a lot sneakier about it. But that shouldn't stop us from trying to guess! Here are six possible candidates, arranged from least to most likely. (I'm sorry, Amanda Seyfried.)

6. Hugh Jackman

I realize this is a long shot, as he's supposed to be allegedly gay and non-allegedly married, but Amanda and Hugh's relashe seems weirdly sexual, no? First she said they came up with a perverted alternate narrative for Les Mis together, and then he gave her “a very naughty lap dance” on her birthday. Maybe all the silly sex talk is designed to conceal the serious sex action that is happening there?

5. Channing Tatum

Everybody wants to have sex with him.” Translation: I want to have sex with him. Or maybe, just maybe: “I have already had sex with him.” You can want to have sex with someone you've already had sex with, right?

4. Ryan Phillipe

They've dated already, he's still hot, and it's not like he's got anything else going on in his life right now. I'm calling it: Ryan Phillipe is Amanda Seyfried's late nite booty call.

3. David Letterman

Watch this clip again and tell me those two did not go home, get even drunker and fuck afterwards.

2. Ellen Degeneres

Could their easy rapport during The Ellen Degeneres Show be a result of some off camera canoodling?

1. Tupac's Ghost

Move over, Ke$ha. Amanda Seyfried was clearly entered by Tupac's ghost on live television earlier today:

(Via The Ellen Show)