Amanda Seyfried Has Airport Temper Tantrum, In Related News Celebs Really Are Just Like Us

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In honor of it being Friday afternoon and all, I thought I’d help you start your weekend off right with this happy little reminder: the stars really are just like us. Or, at the very least, Amanda Seyfried is. And I'm not talking about another doggie-clean-up moment. Instead, I mean that the airline industry seems to treat her just as badly as it does everyone else.

New York Daily News is reporting that when Amanda landed at LAX on Wednesday, she was greeted by a giant fleet of fans and photographers. Surprisingly, Amanda was less than thrilled by the welcome wagon, reportedly saying, “How the fuck did you know I’d be on this flight?” before adding, “I hate American Airlines!” and concluding with, “They always tip people off on where celebrities are going to be. … Their customer service is so poor. They don’t even have a greeter for me.”

Wait, did I say “concluding with”? I meant “just getting started with.” She later took to Twitter writing:

Maybe not one of the greatest Twitter rants ever, but still, the girl is clearly pissed off.

An American Airlines representative reportedly responded by stating, “As a rule, our employees are not allowed to share any passenger information.” Said representative did not, however, comment on why airlines—and I mean all airlines—always have such crappy customer service.

Personally, I really don’t think Amanda is taking this airline-hating thing far enough. Why stop at calling out American Airlines, when, really, they all deserve to hear it? I mean, I don’t have much knowledge about whether American or any other airline has been tipping off paparazzi when I board their flights, but I can definitely say that I have never been met by a greeter when I landed, regardless of the airline.

Oh, and why is it okay for any airline to tell you they have no idea what happened to your bag–and are you sure you even brought a suitcase with you this vacation?–after you paid them money to transport it safely from Boston to Orlando? And why would a flight attendant laugh when she spills a drink on you at the beginning of a four-hour flight and—What’s that you say? You were kind of hoping this post wouldn’t degenerate into me complaining about my personal travels woes?

Okaaay then, backing up. So, Amanda Seyfried had a crappy flying experience, which oddly (sadly?), makes me feel a bit better about myself, because who can’t relate to that? It really is the little things in life.

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