In Case You Were Wondering, Amanda Bynes Is Only Getting Crazier

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EXCL amanda bynes 210211Whatever you do, don't write off Amanda Bynes. You might have thought that she's gotten as crazy as she's likely to get, but that would be a tragic underestimation of this former child star's capacities. Sure, she's already gotten some pretty weird, wacky stuff out of the way, like those pesky hit-and-runs last year, tweeting at President Obama to arrest the cop who charged her with a DUI, and stumbling nude around a tanning salon, but now we're really in business. Some people who used to live in the same New York City apartment building as Amanda are speaking up about the odd shenanigans that she used to get up to when she lived there. According to her neighbors, Amanda was super friendly. When she first moved into the building, she went door-to-door trying to make friends. You know, as you do when you're a celebrity.

“She was really nice at first. She knocked on some doors and introduced herself and wanted to hang out, but then she started acting weird.”

Oh then she started acting weird. Maybe I'm just jaded from not having lived the whimsical life of a child star, but what is there about that first part that isn't weird? If I were famous-ish, never would I ever go around my apartment building knocking on doors asking if people wanted to hang out. I don't even do that as a non-celebrity. Of course wasn't around for this event, but what I'm imagining and loving is basically along the lines of “Hi I'm Amanda Bynes you may have seen me in the movie pictures do you mind if I come inside and eat some of the cookies I'm smelling I brought enough candies for the both of us do you think my shirt is pretty where are my shoes?”

According to this same source, Amanda used to leave her door hanging wide open constantly, to the point that her neighbors could see that she'd replaced every normal light fixture with red lightbulbs. One time Amanda went down to the building's lobby “at 2 a.m. one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes”, after which she went back upstairs. I mean that's pretty normal. This is exactly how I behave in my own apartment building. Whenever I hear a good joke, I can't wait to get down to my lobby so that I can laugh about it. There's no point laughing in your own apartment, because then people won't ask you what's so funny, and how are you ever supposed to make friends if nobody strikes up a conversation?

Sadly these fun glimpses of Amanda in her natural habitat are no longer possible, as she has already moved out of the building due to threats of eviction. Apparently she's moved into a hotel, so keep your eyes open, she could be haunting a minibar near you.

(Image: Beiny Fu / WENN.com)