Amanda Bynes Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia, Hospitalized For Two Weeks

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Amanda Bynes Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia  Hospitalized For Two Weeks Amanda Bynes Twitter picture Spring 2013 jpgUgh. Finally. This is the first second piece of good news I've heard about Amanda Bynes in a while. The first one was that she'd been put on a 5150 hold, which means involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation, and the second one is that it's been upgraded to a 5250 hold, which extends her hospitalization for a further fourteen days. It's about effing time.

According to TMZ and their heat-seeking gossip robots, Amanda has been exhibiting signs of schizophrenia (and not for the first time), so medical professionals will be seeking an extension to the original 5150 order so that they can monitor her and get her properly diagnosed. It would make sense, especially given that only 23% of female schizophrenics are diagnosed before age nineteen, with late onset being a significant factor. Symptoms can include delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thinking and speech, all of which I believe have been signified in her Twitter feed and her behavior of late. The signs are all there, it's just a matter of people being willing to see them.

But now it seems someone finally is, and healthcare professionals will take over instead of just random celebrities like Nick Cannon weighing in and deciding she's fine, or worse, trivializing her condition and making fun of it like Chelsea Handler. It sounds like Amanda's parents will now also ask a California judge to place her in a conservatorship — much like what Britney Spears was placed under by her parents — on the basis that she is unable to care for herself and may be a danger to others.

Apparently they've wanted to do this for months, but were unable to until she exhibited some sign that she was truly out of control. Such as setting a fire in a stranger's driveway. Which is a pretty scary situation, but given the circumstances, I'm just glad it didn't have to be something more serious to get her the help she needs. With the way the media has been treating this story, I was worried she might be dead before anyone acknowledged anything was wrong. People have had far worse things happen with far fewer signs anything was out of the ordinary — just look at the tragedy of Cory Monteith.

If it does in fact turn out to be schizophrenia, my only hope is that two weeks is long enough for the medications to kick in. The typical antipsychotics that are used to treat the illness typically take 7-14 days to enter the patient's system and become effective, so with any luck, her condition will be stabilized before the period of mandatory hospitalization is ended. Or barring that, I hope the conservatorship goes through, so her parents can give Amanda the support and supervision she's so clearly been asking for for months now.

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