Yes, Amanda Bynes Seems To Be Doing Well, But Let’s Not Forget She’s Still A Sick Girl

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Amanda Bynes attending Teen Choice Awards August 2009

Just like the rest of America, there's nothing I love more than a success story – believe me.  Back when Amanda Bynes was at her seemingly sickest point earlier this year, I kept saying to myself, "I hope five years from now we're seeing her on a couch with Oprah, recalling these dark days and offering hope to people suffering from mental illness."  Even though I had hope for her, I still acknowledged that any sort of recovery or well-being was going to be awhile down the road.

Flash forward to just under six months after her involuntary hospitalization, and we're seeing photos of Amanda for the first time since.  She's going to therapy, she's walking her dogs, she's going to Costco with her parents.  Things look and seem better for Amanda, right?  Well, the thing is, we don't know.  What we do know is that her lawyer issued a statement about Amanda re-establishing familial relationships and planning for college.  And we know that it appears her parents are trying incredibly hard to help their daughter get well.  These are all things people have been waiting eagerly to hear.

The thing is, she's still a very sick girl.  Her diagnosis, whether it's schizophrenia or something equally as devastating, isn't something that can be magically turned around in half a year.  It probably isn't even properly manageable on a day-to-day basis for her and her family yet.  For media outlets to pretend like things are stellar and A-okay is ignorant, and, quite frankly, not helpful to her at all.  Her parents are probably trying to instill a sense of normalcy and routine with Amanda right now, like buying groceries in bulk.  What isn't normal is being surrounded by paparazzi while doing these everyday things, and even if I have no business concerning myself with her recovery, I can't help but feel a little nervous for her.  Can you imagine how easy it would be to trigger her illness when her recovery is still in such a fragile stage? Especially knowing that media attention fanned the flames of her illness so much.

I don't know.  Maybe I'm talking in circles about things I have no place talking about.  I know I'm not one to "go easy" on wealthy, famous, privileged Hollywood folk.  I just wish Amanda well, and I want her and her family to have the privacy they need to maintain a sense of much needed peace.

(Photo: Nicki Nelson/ WENN)