Amanda Bynes Claims This Whole ‘Going Crazy’ Thing Is An Act, So I Guess Someone Should Mail Her An Oscar

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Amanda Bynes Selfie Mirror 2013

Another day, another bizarre twist in the life of Amanda Bynes. Today's news comes from her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson — a man who's recently made a name for himself recently by exploiting Amanda Bynes' situation under the guise of helping her. So before we get any further into her latest escapades, let's take a hot sec to discuss him. Like here's a fun fact that might interest you: he coincidentally just wrote a book that he's currently in the middle of promoting. It's almost like he using Amanda Bynes to get his name in the headlines and therefore  sell some more books. Then again it's not like his book has to do with Hollywood or celebrities or addiction. Oh wait! I lied. Here's the description from Amazon.com:

” Jonathan finally positions himself in what he thinks is a legitimate career as a Hollywood publicist only to find himself back in the Reality TV world helping stars and wannabes become famous by any means necessary. It's a cautionary tale about how instant fame and public adulation can become as addictive as any drug in our celebrity-focused, Reality TV culture, and a look behind the velvet ropes in Hollywood.”

So yeah, take everything and anything Jonathan Jaxson says and does with a grain of salt. Or an entire box. Despite what he claims, he doesn't quite appear to have Amanda's best interests in mind. But you probably already figured that out when he decided to get her help for her downward spiral by tweeting at the police.

With all that in mind, we can move on to the text conversation he allegedly had with Amanda Bynes last night.



While it's nice to sit back and believe that she's acting like this as a way to get more Twitter followers, it just doesn't make any sense. If she wanted to rocket herself back into the spotlight overnight, she could've easily pulled a Farrah Abraham. That girl's now a household name for reasons that you can't discuss in most households. It's not really clear what long-term benefits Amanda would get by behaving like there's something wrong with her. Nor is it usually considered good networking to spend hours every week attacking celebrities for their looks. Sure she's now being discussed on the reg, but as people like Kate Gosselin and Octomom and Kim Jong-un can prove, that doesn't necessarily do wonders for your career. It's not like she's a nobody who needed to find a way to get attention. She's a well-known actor who could've easily made a few more movies. Or at the very least, gotten her PR team to set her up with some up-and-coming star. But I guess if I'm wrong and she's really just acting, someone should really send her an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony — all the awards really. She really pulled off this role better than I would've ever believed she could.

Also, enough with all these “friends” coming out of the woodwork and pretending like she's doing dandy. If your friend suddenly started behaving like this, I hope you wouldn't just be like, “sure Amanda, my good friend, everyone thinks you're mentally unstable and/or addicted to drugs which will inevitably have a negative impact on your reputation and career for like ever, but as long as you're okay, I'm okay!”