Amanda Bynes Is Now One Hit And Run Car Accident Away From Winning A Free Trip To A VH1 Reality Show

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While everyone's worrying themselves sick about that fact that Kristen Stewart slept with everyone from Rupert Sanders to Denzel Washington to The Jonas Brothers Trio, Amanda Bynes is working hard on creating her own scandalous career. One that will earn her magazine covers, heartfelt letters from former co-stars and (fingers crossed) a stint on a reality show.

Something, that Kristen Stewart frankly wouldn't understand. Some child actors grow up and make blockbuster movies. Others grow up and drive their moving cars into other people's moving cars. On a weekly basis.

This week was no exception and our gal pals at TMZ report that someone's accusing Amanda Bynes of hitting their car and then fleeing the scene.

Kisa (last name witheld) tells TMZ she was driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley when she was struck by a woman in a black BMW. Kisa tells TMZ she didn't recognize the woman at first — because she “looked like a hot mess” — but once they began talking, she realized it was Amanda Bynes.

But really, who among us hasn't struggled to drive when we're drunk? She's a starlet, not a Nascar driver and I don't think we should continue holding her to these ridiculous standards of driving sober.

So Amanda Bynes, go on with your bad self. Keep this behavior up and you'll have those magazine covers you crave in no time. Also, I hear jail is great for winning interviews with Barb Walters. She l-o-v-e-s reformed hot messes.

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