Amanda Bynes Has Another Car Mishap, Caught Texting While Driving

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They never learn, do they? Just a week or so after getting arrested and charged with a DUI, Amanda Bynes is once again driving herself to clubs, and running into things in the process. But while she was going from one club (Chateau Marmont) to another (Greystone Manor) last night, a sneaky paparazzo caught a photo that might shed some additional light on the subject.

As you can see above, Amanda likes to text while driving. So maybe she's not actually driving drunk, she's just being really, really irresponsible in other ways? As this week's episode of Glee reminded us, this can lead to unpleasantness like being paralyzed for life, so Bynes is lucky that all she came away with was this embarrassing paparazzi photo:

Let's hope she takes this as a get-out-of-jail-free card and uses some of her child star fortune to hire a goddamn driver. It's all fun and games until someone loses their legs/brain/life.

And note to Rick Bynes: don't even think about saying that Amanda doesn't text while driving. Like I said, you need to make your lies at least semi-believable in order to be taken seriously as an enabling parent.

(Via TMZ)