[UPDATED MUG SHOT] Ask Ashley: Why Did Amanda Bynes Get Arrested For A DUI?

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Well look who decided to up their headlines game and get a DUI last night — our favorite “didn't you retire and then un-retire” actress Amanda Bynes. She seems to be making a lot of questionable decisions lately. One was a sideswiping a cop car and the other ways dying her hair an ashy pink.

Our reliable jailhouse reporters from TMZ say:

Law enforcement sources tell us Bynes was attempting to pass a cop car … when she sideswiped the vehicle. She was pulled over and cops determined she was not fit to be behind the wheel. We're told the 26-year-old actress was busted at 3 AM … she's still behind bars.

And this is after an incident last week where according to the very same TMZ article:

A week before that, Amanda bolted from a cop while he was writing her a ticket. She was pulled over for talking on a cell phone, and while the cop was writing her up … she drove away. Amanda later swung by the police station and signed the ticket. So far, she hasn't faced additional charges.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

This is just the excitement Amanda Bynes needs to jump-start her career and get back on her game. Assuming her game includes 2-5 years of starring on D-list reality shows on Vh1. If she plays her cards right, WE or even OWN might pick her up for a comeback-style reality show.

Just kidding, OWN won't be around by then. But WE is an actual possibility, I mean they're all over Shannen Doherty right now so anything can happen if you keep your scandals number at the right place.

The keyword now is right place. Too few scandals and no one's impressed. Too many scandals and you're just another Lindsay Lohan posing for Playboy. Two driving scandals in one week might be pushing it. It's important to go for variety. A DUI here, a nude photo leak there, an illegitimate sister over there.

But this is Amanda Bynes' first real attempt at this kind of celebrity career so I'll give her a break. As long as she promises that her next scandal won't involve her being behind the wheel.

(Photo: David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com)