On A Scale From 1 To Orange Jumpsuit, Amanda Bynes Is At An 11 When It Comes To Trying To Get Arrested

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It's so strange to think that the next time I type Amanda Bynes‘ name, she'll probably be in jail. Hopefully. Because I think it's beyond clear at this point that she really wants to go to jail.

She's wants it more than she's ever wanted anything in her entire life. The retired-then-unretired actress got caught driving with a suspended license yesterday after cops pulled her over for driving without her headlights on. A license that got suspended because she got charged with two hit-and-runs. TWO!

Her attempts to get sent to jail are increasingly more and more admirable. Forget the All That legacy she left and think about the role model she's becoming for women who will do whatever it takes to get arrested.

Look at this way. She probably auditions for movies a handful of time before getting cast, which shows a medium amount of effort.  She's auditioned for jail like 900 times now. How many DUIs and hit-and-runs and other assorted car mishaps must a girl have before the cops get a hint.  Does she have to drive into an actual cop car while intoxicated to get their attention?

Oh wait. SHE DID THAT!

I just want what Amanda Bynes clearly wants for herself. And that's a chance to spend some quality time behind bars. Or at the very least, not behind the wheel of a car. So let's throw the girl a bone and let her spend time in jail. Maybe she'll love it, maybe she'll hate it — but either way she gets to decide for herself how she feels about imprisonment.

It's the least we can do as a country after letting her star in She's The Man.

(Photo: David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com)