More Proof Amanda Bynes Should Take a Break From Driving

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Like LiLo's self-enforced house-arrest, Amanda Bynes might want take some preventive measures and hire herself a driver, because it seems like every time she gets out on the road she ends up talking with police.

Last night while driving around Hollywood Amanda had her most recent brush with the law when a man claimed her Range Rover hit him while she was trying to pass him. Rather than stopping to access the damage Amanda's car kept right on going.

After the man reported the accident the cops tracked down Bynes, who plead ignorance, insisting she didn't know she hit a car. Not noticing a collision you're involved in might seem like an obvious lie but apparently Amanda's Rover was pretty much unscathed, so it looks like the other car absorbed the shock, allowing her to remain unaware. That scenario is so likely in fact that after Amanda gave her insurance info to the other driver the police let her go without so much as a citation.

While she might have not been in the wrong this time, even an accidental sideswipe combined with her recent DUI and evidence she texted while driving (disapproving glance from the cast of Glee ) supports the argument that she should get someone else to drive her for a while. She needs to find some way to stop racking up negative headlines; they make What a Girl Wants too sad to watch.

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