Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To Murder Her Vagina, Because Manslaughter’s Like So Cliche

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amanda bynes cheek piercings March 2013

Earlier this week we brought you the completely innocent news that Amanda Bynes has a crush on Drake. Sure she's in the middle of a year long breakdown that's getting increasingly more bizarre. But what harm could a little crush do?

A lot. Turns out a little crush can do a lot. Last night, while you went about your normal Thursday night, Amanda Bynes tweeted out that she'd like Drake to murder her vagina. It's a modern day poem that defines the saying, “that escalated quickly.”

amanda bynes tweet i want drake to murder my vagina

Not since Jimmy got shot in the halls of Degrassi, have I feared so much for his life. And for Amanda Bynes' vagina. What does this mean? Benson? Stabler? Is this something that we should know about? Vagina murder? It sounds horribly violent and horribly painful and horribly inappropriate to tweet out.

While I want to think that she got hacked last night, I sadly think that it's just as likely that she didn't. She's reaching the scary point where nothing she does surprises us. Right now I'm trying to think of the headline that will shock and awe me and I really can't. She's reached “Lindsay Lohan missed her plane hours before her court hearing” standing in my mind. Or maybe even surpassed it. I'm really not sure at this point which one's going to get the Lifetime treatment first.

All I do know is that saying “murder my vagina” is already this weekend's hottest trend. I've seen it used about 671 times on Twitter this morning in various contexts — which means it will be a meme by lunch, a viral video by dinner and annoying by tomorrow morning. So if you're jonesing to work it into your vocabulary, get it in now. Quickly, before The Huffington Post does their round up of best murder my vagina jokes!

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