Amanda Bynes Is On Her Third Hit-And-Run, Seems To Enjoy Crashing Her Car Into Things And Speeding Away

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How many hit-and-runs have you gotten this year? Because Amanda Bynes has gotten three. This year. That we know about. So she's winning. Scratch that, she's losing…bigtime.

On April 6th, Amanda was pulled over after she sideswiped a cop car while attempting to pass it, and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Oh come on, Amanda, a cop car? Really? And drunk driving? You should still have a lot of 90s and 2000s money in the bank, why don't you go grab a couple hundos and hire a driver for the night? Or move to Manhattan and use the subway to stumble home after your bar crawls, like the rest of us do.

Four days later, on April 10th, Amanda allegedly hit another car in the rented BMW she was driving. Not a cop car this time, but it was four days later, so it's still embarrassingly reckless. After the accident, she apparently sped through a red light to flee the scene, but not before the other driver got her license plate number and a quick glimpse of her profile. A glimpse that she later used to help her identify Amanda from the very mug shot that was taken four days prior. Oh karma, you dirty bitch.

And now Gawker is reporting that Amanda had yet ANOTHER brush with the law and was accused of a hit-and-run earlier this month. Apparently when stopped by the cops, however, she claimed she hadn't felt the accident, and was sent on her way, un-ticketed.Okay, wow. If it's that hard to feel your car hit another car, then Amanda Bynes, I have some advice for you:

Every half mile or so, why not just hop out of your car to check for any scrapes, missing fenders, human bodies, or household pets. That way you can make sure that no debris has fallen into your car, and no alcohol has fallen into your mouth.

Better safe than sorry.

(Image: TMZ.com)