The Hopeful Amanda Bynes News Continues As Her Parents Are Granted A Temporary Conservatorship

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Amanda Bynes leaving Manhattan courthouse May 2013

We just keep getting promising and hopeful news out of this Amanda Bynes situation and I'm so worried I'll jinx it by saying things might actually turn out well, so I spend about five minutes after every Amanda-related story knocking on wood and rubbing a lucky rabbit's foot and every other superstitious thing I can do. I want so badly for her to get better, but I know it's not a snap-your-fingers-and-it's-done kind of deal. This latest news seems to be just another brick on the road to her recovery. TMZ reports that the judge involved in Amanda's case has granted her parents a temporary conservatorship, based on an investigator's findings about the actress's mental health. Amanda, who reportedly opposes the conservatorship, was not present in court because her psych hold has been extended by a month. According to her lawyer, Amanda is "gravely disabled."

The conservatorship will last until September 30, when the judge will hold a hearing to decide whether a permanent conservatorship is necessary. This gives her mother control over her well-being and finances, which is important because Amanda has reportedly been spending away her $4 million savings. When you add this news to the fact that Amanda is reportedly responding well to medication and delayed a hearing to leave the hospital early, things are starting to look up for what only last month seemed like a hopeless and ultimately tragic situation.

While it's easy to announce to ourselves that everything will be okay and we don't have to worry anymore, I think it's still important that we treat Amanda's condition with sensitivity. While a lot of news outlets have finally decided to report on this story like the serious issue it is instead of laughing at it (a shift that comes months too late, if you ask us at Crushable), I still occasionally see publications that take a flippant approach to the situation. Not to mention the fact that those celebrities who would call themselves Amanda's friends (ahem, Nick Cannon) continue to exploit her condition and comedians like Chelsea Handler can't stop trivializing her hospital stay. Just because things seem to be going better for her at this time doesn't mean we can revert back to mocking her or ignoring the severity of her case. Just a preemptive suggestion, because I have such little faith in humanity.

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