Amanda Bynes Called 911 On Her Arresting Officers, So That’s Reassuring

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Amanda Bynes Called 911 On Her Arresting Officers  So That s Reassuring Amanda Bynes leaving her Manhattan court date May 24 2013 jpgIf ever there was confirmation that Amanda Bynes needs to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation, it’s the fact that she allegedly called 911 on her arresting officers as they were arresting her. Amanda is currently in court, as you may recall, having been taken in last night on charges of marijuana possession, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence. Because that’s what it’s called when you throw a glass bong out the window while your apartment is being searched by the police. That’s a really straight-forward way to encourage the police that they’re on the right track and that they should definitely arrest you and take you in for questioning. I applaud your communication skills.

And along the same lines, a good way to ensure that you proceed directly to a psychiatric evaluation at Roosevelt Hospital and do not collect $200 is to call the police on the police during your arrest. “She called 911, saying cops were going to assault her,” a source tells In Touch. Aw yeah, I am totally picking up what you’re putting down, Amanda, as long as what you’re putting down is, “Take me to a head doctor please and thank you.”

After her evaluation, Amanda was taken to Central Booking, where she spent the night, and to her court appearance in the morning. Her next court date has been set for July 9th, a fact I learned through careful detective work…slash zooming in on the picture above of her reading over her paperwork in the cop car. All in all, I think Amanda has behaved in a perfectly understandable and rational way. After all, we all remember that saying from the old country, “The best time to call an ambulance is when you’re already at the hospital.” Amen.

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