Amanda Bynes Kicks Off 2013 By Sharing A Photo Of Her 2012 Boobs

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Amanda Bynes Kicks Off 2013 By Sharing A Photo Of Her 2012 Boobs amanda bynes boobs pngGuess she’s not the man after all! All That alum Amanda Bynes ended 2012 by sharing a New Year’s Eve photo of her boobs on Instagram.  Even though we’re still in the fetal stages of the new year, I think it’s safe to say that this will definitely make the annual New York Times 1000 Best Almost Nip Slip Shots of 2013ish list.

After spending 2012  participating in completely normal and sane activities that did not result in her getting her license taken away, Amanda Bynes made it clear last night that she’s setting a new tone for 2013. A tone that makes me think that I may have named her “The Meryl Streep of her Generation” a little too early. After all, Meryl always goes with a more understated sepia tone when sharing photos of her boobs.

While many people will quickly jump to the conclusion that this New Year’s Eve photo proves Amanda Bynes will continue to make questionable choices in the coming year, I immediately came to the conclusion that all was right in the world.

After taking a week-long vacation from stalking celebrities 24/7, I feared I would return to a world that no longer appreciated celebrity nudity, unnecessary vulgarity and faux Twitter accounts for celebrity children who aren’t even born yet. I worried that my first 2013 essay would be something horrid, like “500 Celebrities Who Only Make Good Decisions,” or worse, “Studies Say Men No Longer Googling ‘Naked Celebrity Photos’ On the Internet.”

However thanks to Amanda Bynes’ boobs, I can now rest assured that everything’s going to be okay. The Internet will continue to be a place of wonder and delight and TLC levels of morality.

Happy New Year!

(Photos: Instagram/WENN)