Video: Amanda Bynes Has Reached The ‘Attacking The Paparazzi’ Stage Of Her Breakdown

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Amanda Bynes paparazzo video struggle camera pinch scratch nails weirdRemember when this weird photo of Amanda Bynes shielding herself from the paparazzi with her (fake?) fur wrap came out last week? Turns out there's a bigger story from this same day. Entertainment Tonight obtained a video from one of the paparazzi trying to snap pictures of Amanda—displaying her utterly bizarre behavior as she demands to see the photos, asks to retake them, and then struggles with the photog over his camera and scratches him with her long nails.

It's probably fairly typical in Hollywood for stars to play the game of first coyly avoiding the cameras and then dropping all pretenses and posing for photos. We know that there's a lot of artifice to this symbiotic relationship. But watching Amanda get agitated was almost disturbing, especially because we watched her go through the process of first aggressively demanding he take more flattering photos, then sweet-talking him, then suddenly wrestling with him over his camera. The weirdest part is when he yells at her for pinching him and she says calmly (too calmly), “I didn't touch you.” The proof is on video!

As far as I can remember, this is the first time we've seen actual footage of Amanda since all her DUIs and career deterioration started. Sure, we'd heard stories of topless spinning classes and saw those photos of her smoking pot in her car… but this is Crazy Amanda in action. Look, I don't blame celebrities who snap and go after paparazzi, like Alec Baldwin or Justin Bieber; it must be so exhausting to have cameras shoved in your face, and I know how frustration and anger makes you impulsive. But I keep rewatching this video; note in the beginning when Amanda's struggling with the photographer and it almost sounds like she's whimpering. I really think she's starting to live in her own dazed, slightly disconnected fantasy world. In fact, it brings to mind Britney Spears‘ vacant mental state the night that she shaved her head and attacked someone's car with an umbrella.

I have to agree with Dlisted that the best explanation here would be that Amanda is pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and parodying the typical Hollywood starlet's downward spiral, coupled with her own wacky reputation from Nickelodeon. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Photo: Michael Wright/WENN.com