You Guys, I’m Starting To Get Seriously Worried About Amanda Bynes

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You know that moment when you realize the person you've been making fun of is actually really suffering and you feel like a total shit for not noticing until now? Well that happened to me last week, when the rumors started flying about Amanda Bynes‘ erratic behavior in her gym classes and the fact that she was reportedly talking to inanimate objects. I realized that the last person who was behaving like this was Britney Spears, back in 2007. You know, right before she shaved her head and we all felt like assholes for assuming she was fine the whole time even though in hindsight it was super clear that she wasn't? Yeah, that time.

Well that same downward spiral totally super-duper seems to be happening to Miss Bynes right now. This week alone, it's been announced that she's been dropped by her publicist, agent, and lawyer, barricaded herself inside a dressing room for upwards of two hours, been kicked out of a spin class at her gym for erratic behavior, and been charged with driving on a suspended license. Twice. So yeah, it's been a big week. I was gonna say that it was time for someone to seriously step in and take control of this situation, but from what I”m reading, there isn't really anyone around who can do that.

According to TMZ, her friends are pissed that her family isn't doing anything to help her. They feel like they've done all they can do, and someone more intimate with Amanda — like her parents — needs to take responsibility. But actually, I'm a little nervous to say that it sounds like they're doing their best…and it's just not working. Apparently with everything that's been going on, Amanda's parents recently moved from Texas to California to be closer to their daughter and see if they could help out. But unfortunately, Amanda's been systematically cutting people out of her life, and her family is no exception. She gradually stopped communicating with her mom, dad, sister, and brother, and has now stopped responding completely.

Honestly, what the hell happened a year ago that made Amanda suddenly switch into this different person? Was it drug related, or a mental imbalance? Did she have a really bad break-up that she hasn't recovered from? I don't know, but I sincerely hope she lets someone in her life help her before something really serious happens.

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But it's only gotten worse with another week of news