Amanda Bynes Has Lost Her Last Supporters Now That Her Publicist, Agent, And Lawyer All Dropped Her

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Amanda Bynes publicist agent entertainment lawyer quit no support system parents crazyAnd then there were none: As Amanda Bynes‘ car troubles and erratic behavior ratchet up to a new bizarre incident nearly every day, TMZ reports that her management team has jumped ship. In the past few weeks, Amanda's publicist, agent, and entertainment lawyer all quit working for the troubled Nickelodeon starlet. While none of them have released official statements, sources close to them tell TMZ that they all had the same complaints: For years Amanda was a well-adjusted client working pretty regularly, and then she inexplicably became “very difficult” in the past year. (Though according to our exhaustive timeline, the crazy really started in March.)

Now, TMZ also talked to alleged sources close to Amanda, who said that she's not worried at all because she's decided to “retire” from acting yet again, this time to become a fashion designer. But if you look at Amanda's peers the Olsen twins who took that same career path (albeit much more sanely), it's not like they don't have reps! It doesn't matter if Amanda is switching fields, if she's ensured that her reputation is an erratic, troublesome client, no one will want to represent her.

I'm tempted to say that this is Amanda getting what she deserves for her behavior over the past six months. But incidents like her locking herself in her dressing room or taking her top off in a spinning class reveal that her problems are probably a lot more deep-seated. We could very well be witnessing a cry for help—and now there's no one who either wants to help her or is even in a position to.

Yesterday RadarOnline revealed that while Amanda's parents have moved back to LA to try and reconnect with their daughter, Amanda has been completely ignoring their presence for months:

“Amanda's parents had moved back to California long before she got arrested for her DUI. Her parents have been living in California for a significant amount of time before her legal problems began. Amanda hasn't spoken to her parents in several months and she has been living like a recluse, which does have her parents extremely concerned. Amanda just cut them out of her life entirely, and she doesn't return their phone calls or e-mails. There wasn't a fight or any ongoing unresolved issues between Amanda and her parents, she just axed them out of her life for no reason.”

Amanda's uncle Ronald Bynes told Celebuzz a slightly different story, claiming that her father “doesn’t want to talk about her and often changes the subject.” Amanda has two siblings, but they're both several years older and don't seem very involved in her life. And after Amanda deleted her Twitter account, she lost a huge chunk of her fanbase. I'm legitimately worried about her now that she has no one in her corner, professionally or personally.

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