The Very Allison Williams Thing Allison Williams Kept In The Pockets Of Her Wedding Dress

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The Very Allison Williams Thing Allison Williams Kept in the Pockets of Her Wedding Dress Allison Williams Tonight Show March 2016 jpg

Last night Allison Williams and her freedom bangs stopped by The Tonight Show to talk to Jimmy Fallon about her recent wedding to Ricky Van Veen. After discussing her choice to have none other than Tom Hanks officiate the ceremony, as well as a weird moment where Jimmy just starts making fun of Allison’s voice and she awkwardly plays along, she talks about the practical nature of her wedding dress. In case you didn’t already know, it had pockets. That’s totally unsurprising to me, considering Allison seems like the living embodiment of the “Shit Girls Say” video.

Whereas I would wear a dress with pockets to store snacks or to hide my crossed fingers while I took my wedding vows, Allison’s pockets served a different purpose. A very Allison Williams purpose. She kept tissues in them, because, as she says, “I literally cried from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.” She also kept her makeup minimal for this exact reason. And she was weirdly proud of her decision to keep tissues on her person at all times. She calls it “my version of a James Bond moment,” because pockets in wedding dresses are such high-tech gadgets now, I guess.

Personally, all I can think about when I imagine Allison storing tissues in her wedding dress is what she did with them when she was done using them. Did she put them back in the pockets with her snot on them, like I do with the pockets of my old ratty sweater when I have a cold? Did she have one pocket for unused tissues and one pocket for used ones? Unless Allison Williams is the type of person who cries beautiful tears that bring out the blue in her eyes and don’t cause her nose to run. I can totally see that being the case.