Before She Was Uptight Marnie On Girls, Allison Williams Sang Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ With A Straight Face

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Allison Williams "Tik Tok" video funny Ke$haAllison Williams is one of those odd cases where the first we heard of her professionally was in her role as Marnie on HBO's Girls… and yet, we always knew who she was thanks to her famous dad, news anchor Brian Williams. In the months leading up to Girls‘ premiere, all we knew of Allison was that she might be the product of nepotism and that she'd shot a funny video about Mad Men or something.

BuzzFeed unearthed this video of Allison covering Ke$ha‘s “Tik Tok” back in 2010, which was at the height of her involvement with Yale's short- and long-form improv group Just Add Water. Although JAW has a well-updated website, it might be too up-to-date: There's no word on alums like Allison (aside from a note congratulating her on her TV role), and no videos. So, for evidence of Allison's pre-Girls career in humor, you have only a few options. There's the “Tik Tok” video, which is fantastic because of a) her beautiful singing voice, and b) the fact that she can keep a straight face throughout:

Seriously, she makes it sound like a ballad. You've got the more highbrow Mad Men video where she sings “Nature Boy” to the tune of the AMC series' famous theme song:

Plus, Allison did a short series for Funny Or Die called Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After, where she played a pitch-perfect Kate Middleton. Like I said in the title, if your first introduction to Allison was through Girls, it's not surprising that you'd consider her to be as proper and collected as her character Marnie. But these videos show that Allison has a sly sense of humor, with a barely-concealed smirk behind her various impersonations and deadpan routines. And the nepotism argument? I'd say it doesn't matter, since she's clearly talented.