Allison Williams Spends 6 Hours A Day With A Naked Guy On Top Of Her Just Because

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allison williams craig fergusonSometimes I watch interviews with Allison Williams where I'm like we're totally soul sisters. We both have brown hair, we both have dads and we both watch Girls. Then other times I watch interviews with her where I'm like we're more different than the sisters from the Disney Channel original movie Wish Upon a Star. And those sisters were diff-er-ent!

Take this interview with Craig Ferguson from last night as an example. First of all she brings up whale baleen out of nowhere. That's not something I'd ever do because what? I'm all for throwing out random facts, but not of the whale variety. That's just not my style.

After waxing poetic about whale baleen, she goes on to talk about her role as Marnie on Girls and says, “it's fundamentally bizarre to think back on what your day entailed and just to think there was a naked gentleman laying on my back for six hours, it's very weird, and then to go get sushi after that is very bizarre.”

We do a lot of bizarre work at Crushable. Or at least throw a lot of bizarre ideas out there. But we never, ever have naked gentleman lay on our back for six hours. Or even five hours. That's just way too much time to have a naked gentleman lay on your back. And that's coming straight from my doctor. Last time I saw him he's all like, “Jenni, you look unwell, are you having naked gentlemen over again for extended back-laying sessions.” I nod all modestly, because I already know what he's going to say, I've already looked it up on WebMD. “Jenni,” he says in that voice where you know he means business, “stop it. There's literally no reason you need gentleman laying on your back for more than a few minutes at most. AT MOST!”

So yeah, these are interviews where I realize Allison Williams and I lead very different lives. Then again, we both eat sushi.