The 17 Best Twitter Reactions To Allison Williams Playing Peter Pan

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The 17 Best Twitter Reactions To Allison Williams Playing Peter Pan Allison Williams singing gif


This morning we got the new that Allison Williams will be playing the title role in NBC’s upcoming production of Peter Pan Live. When it was announced, we all had to take a moment to stop rolling our eyes over the fact that they’re doing another musical to begin with in order to roll our eyes at this casting. Because really? Allison Williams? She wouldn’t exactly be my first choice. Or my second, or my third, or… But then again, maybe NBC saw what a successful trainwreck Carrie Underwood was in The Sound of Music and decided to try it again.

Obviously, as with anything, people have opinions. And what better place to share those opinions, in a nice little 140-character package, than on Twitter? It’s where all the best reactions to the actual musical will be when it airs in December, so let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining responses to the casting, shall we? We’ll get through this together.

This is probably a good place to start.

Oh but can’t you just see this happening, though?

Aaand the Girls jokes begin.

And more.

I like this one. Short and to the point.

Yet another short and sweet one.

Yeah, really. She’s more of a “great stumbled-over-her-in-the-hallway.”

I highly doubt she’s going to actually cut it for one night, but they’ll still probably ask her about the wig.

No, everybody is not okay. I feel numb.

This is going to be weird.

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel.

Oh snap!

Always in the mood for a conspiracy theory.

Some people are taking it harder than others.

One can only hope.

Yeah, pretty much.

I’ll leave you with this gem.