Video Of Allison Williams’ First Peter Pan Flying Lesson Is Amazing In The Worst Way

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Allison Williams rolling her eyes GIFHi there, remember me? I'm that horrible troll who celebrated Allison Williams being cast as Peter Pan in the NBC musical Peter Pan Live! by immediately launching into a spirited rant about what a bad idea that was. And y'know what? I'm about to get right back at it.

Because we already have an update! This thing doesn't actually air until December and it's live, so I was assuming we'd have to wait a few months for the inevitable insider gossip about rehearsals or promo footage. But what I didn't count on was Allison's Instagram, which she used to share a video of her first flying lesson today.

AND YOU GUYS IT IS SO AMAZING. She looks graceful and everything (much better than I would, I'm sure), but she's just so Hathaway-eager in a way that's super off-putting. Probably because she doesn't have the Hathaway chops? I mean take a look for yourself and tell me if I'm wrong (but by the way I'm not, because her caption is ‘First day of flying lessons for Pan. Thinking about and missing a hero of mine who once did this and left big shoes to fill.'), but I feel like this lady's entire body is buzzing with awkward energy, and I can't imagine that it could possibly come bursting out of the screen without taking some of us out with it.

SEE? See what I mean? This video is our crystal ball, and it's giving us our first peek into the monstrosity that will be airing on our televisions this holiday season as we all merrily tweet along.

(Also need proof that this woman is rich beyond belief? Her Instagram handle is only two letters long — her initials, ‘aw'. I don't even want to know what kind of back-alley deals she had to do with endangered animal pelts to get that handle in July of 2014, which is when she joined Instagram. Crazy.)

(Image: Tumblr)