Allison Williams Says No One Wears Bras On The Girls Set, Mostly Because Support Doesn’t Matter If It’s Not Financial (Zing!)

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Allison Williams 2013 Emmys Purple dress

In news that will shock no one, Allison Williams claims that no one wears bras on the set of GirlsIn news that will shock everyone, that information came from a source who eavesdropped on a conversation Allison Williams had at a star-studded Hollywood Reporter party at the Soho House. Call me a listist, but the only convos I would eavesdrop on at a party like this are those belonging to the A-List. While I have nothing personal against Allison Williams, I can think of a million more people spilling a million better secrets. But alas, this is what the Page Six source dug up so this is what we have.

“Allison said that Tina’s advice to her class was, ‘Wear a bra, don’t smoke,’ ” a spy said. But Williams was then heard saying at the Soho House bash, “But now I work on ‘Girls,’ where wardrobe doesn’t even let you wear a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set.”

And yes, Tina in this quote is Tina Fey. They're on a first name basis because Allison was Tina's assistant way back when. Oh and Tina also spoke at her high school graduation. While I could spend hours talking about how Allison's connections opened doors for her in rooms the rest of us can't even see, I won't. Mostly because the amount of times I'd use the word privilege to justify my anger wouldn't hide the fact that I'm speaking out of jealously. Just pure, unadulterated, straight-up jealousy. If my dad was Brian Williams, I'd be hitting up all his connections too.  So no, today's Girls post isn't brought to you by confusion, rather than privilege. It's also brought to you by Questions.

Questions like: why aren't bras allowed on set? Could this answer be exaggerated for Allison Williams for comedic effect? Could people be ignoring that possibility because it is very possible that it's true? Also do hip millennials not wear bras? If so, what should I do with mine? Refashion them into hanging plant holders? If so, can someone find me the Pinterest photo where a woman turns her old bras into hanging plant holders? Or if not that, could you set up Kickstarter that would help girls-not-yet-women afford to buy a lot in Brooklyn that's sole purpose is to serve as a bra graveyard? Could that graveyard transform into a speakeasy at night that serves gluten-free cocktails fashioned out of ingredients grown from bra fibers? And on a related note, my friend wants to know if it's bad if she only washes her bras on a seasonal basis?  Also back to the original question, why aren't bras allowed on set?

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