Allison Williams Never Got Preferential Treatment, Except For When She Did

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Allison Williams attending Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013

Sometimes you're Allison Williams, and you worry that the people around you might think that you got to where you are by being the daughter of beloved newscaster Brian Williams. So you make a lot of comments about how that wasn't the case — how you got plucked from obscurity by Judd Apatow to star in Girls, and nepotism was never ever a factor in your life! Except for that one time when your father's connections got you a job as Tina Fey‘s personal assistant — but don't worry! That's an opportunity that would've been available to anyone with your similar age and experience, so don't let it make you feel any type of way. Don't get me wrong — I'm not saying that Allison doesn't deserve the breaks she's gotten. She strikes me as a very hard worker, and in general I have nothing against people who get lucky with their connections in life, but it does tend to bother me a bit when they won't acknowledge them.

To her parents' credit, though, Allison wasn't allowed to fully pursue acting until she graduated from college. I think they wanted to make sure she got the full experience before getting whisked away to Hollywood to really get down to business honing that coke habit, but she didn't see it that way at the time:

“When Mean Girls came out, I just thought Lindsay Lohan was genius. I didn't understand how I could ever come close to that if they didn't let me start young. I've come to realize it's not a zero-sum game. When I see performances like Jennifer Lawrence‘s in Silver Linings Playbook, I think, ‘God, what a great role.' But maybe, just maybe, she watches Girls and maybe, just maybe, she wishes she was on Girls.”

Ummm yeah Alex, can I have ‘Things That Don't Exist In The World' for $1000, please? Answer: a role that Jennifer Lawrence would have to wish for because she could not have it immediately just by asking for it. I see what you're getting at A-Wills, trying to level the playing field a little bit between yourself and the glorious J-Law, but it's hard for me to imagine that if she called up Lena Dunham and asked for a part on the show, that she wouldn't end up on it, like, yesterday. Be reasonable and be aware, because you have a tendency to slip dangerously close to ‘girl we resented in high school‘ territory.

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