Allison Williams Talks To Crushable About Marnie’s Blinders, Friendship As Love Story, And Booth Jonathan’s Terrible Art

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As you may know, Girls star, spawn of Brian Williams, and all around beautiful angel Allison Williams recently landed her first endorsement deal as a brand ambassador for Simple Skincare. As part of her new promotional duties, she's been giving interviews about the line and her role on Girls, one of which Crushable conducted yesterday. Why is Marnie still friends with Hannah, and does she realize Booth Jonathan is a huge poser? Click through to hear Allison's thoughts on this and more.

First things first: the skincare line which presented us with this interview. As it turns out, Allison Williams has been a fan of Simple Skincare for a while, and even used to ask her friends to bring Simple products back for her from the UK, so the decision to take this gig was an easy one. Her face maintenance routine varies from day to day; you can watch until 2:40 or so to hear the details.

After 2:40, it's time to talk about Girls, specifically: why Marnie is still friends with Hannah, despite Hannah pissing her off every chance she gets. “Marnie is a jerk sometimes too,” she reminded us, then said Lena Dunham once described Hannah and Marnie's friendship as “the great love story of the show,” comparing them to Ross and Rachel on friends. (We didn't ask if they will ever have a baby together.)

But, to get a little salacious, does Marnie realize Booth Jonathan‘s art is awful, or has all that bad sex totally brainwashed her?

“I think deep down she knows it's awful, but I think there's this incredibly complex status difference that she's very caught up in,” she replied. “She wants to impress him, and she wants him to think she's intelligent, and she wants to be able to speak intelligently about the 90s while drinking wine on his counter…she doesn't respect him, and yet she wants him to think the world of her.” Interesting!

“I think it's one of those confusing relationships,” she continued. “This is another moment where Marnie is just barreling through trying to put her blinders on and not actually look at anything that's going on too closely.” Typical Marnie.

Alas, the conversation came to an end way too soon, but we will continue our imaginary friendship with her via TV, photos, and beauty product ads.