Allison Williams Is Engaged, So It Sounds Like Marnie May Finally Be Over Charlie

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Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen at CollegeHumor Offline Annual Production August 2013I'm sorry to break this to you, Girls fans who can't separate fiction from reality, but Allison Williams is engaged. I know, it's confusing.

The rest of the world will probably be pretty excited for Allison, but anyone who's watched the HBO series is gonna be just the teeeeeensiest bit disappointed that her character Marnie is never going to make ‘little brown babies' with Charlie. They were never a couple I totally understood, but since Christopher Abbott was pretty much the only sympathetic character on the series, it's been kind of an adjustment. But I'll get over it, obviously, as soon as I give one piece of advice to Allison and her fiance: make sure he gets along with Lena Dunham, because you've already lost one love interest to creative differences with her — you don't want to lose another!

Okay but seriously, you're probably wondering who this guy is, because it's not a super high-profile relationship. They seem to keep their private lives pretty private, which I totally respect. His name is Ricky Van Veen, and he co-founded the comedy website CollegeHumor. The two of them met through mutual friends, and had been dating for about three years when he proposed, according to Allison's rep. Which is apparently plenty of time for Allison's dad, NBC news anchor Brian Williams, to get to know Ricky. In an interview that she did with Larry King last month, when asked what her dad thought of her then-boyfriend, she smiled and said, “He likes him a lot.”

WELL ISN'T THIS JUST GREAT. Congratulations to Ricky and Allison!

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