Dear Gawker: Allison Williams Is Dating Ricky Van Veen

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Here’s a fun fact that everyone already knows: Girls star Allison Williams is dating College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen. Or at least that’s something I thought everyone already knew. But after Gawker wrote about her possible mystery suitor today, it looks like it’s something that needs to be cleared up for everyone.

A little background: today Gawker picked up a comment thread from our writer Jamie Peck‘s Facebook wall. Supposedly, to out Allison Williams’ flack for being difficult in interviews. The post reads like a blind item about some secret love affair that Allison Williams is trying to cover up. Which is weird because she’s pretty openly been dating Van Veen for a few years now. In fact, their relationship is so out in the open that they attended the Grammys together last night with John Mayer and Katy Perry.

Here they are next to John Mayer awkwardly clapping in his purple velvet jacket last night:

Dear Gawker  Allison Williams Is Dating Ricky Van Veen Allison Williams Ricky Van Veen gif

Mystery solved! Bonus fact: the only person who could potentially get in trouble over this is pseudo story Jamie, because she decided to complain about her job and her company’s advertisers (both inaccurately) on Facebook. So thanks for that Gawker!

Here’s the gist of what happened: Last Friday Jamie interviewed Allison Williams. While we wanted Allison to spend the entire interview talking about Girls and her life and her secrets, that did not happen. Mostly because we set the interview up through Simple Skincare, a brand she’s currently representing. To get to the good interview questions, we had to chug through the face washing questions. Such is the pact we made with the PR devil.

At one point in the interview Jamie asked, “what has dating been like for you as a young person in New York City,” and she apparently got cut off by a PR person. So Jamie got frustrated with the situation, vented on Facebook about it and ended up the subject of today’s Gawker story.

The thing is, Simple isn’t an advertiser with Crushable. So Jamie got some stuff wrong and therefore Gawker got some stuff wrong and now we’re writing an entire post about wrong stuff. So for the record, Simple Skincare is not on advertiser on Crushable and Allison Williams is not dating a mystery man. At no point in our interview did we touch on nepotism or how she got her job or why she thinks it’s okay to be the daughter of a famous person. It’s all much less fun than it sounds.

But thank you to Gawker for turning this non-story into a post. Also, next time if you could include the link to our site when you write about us, that would be super great. Thanks!