Allison Williams Imagines How Her Father Would Read Her Obituary On Air, It’s Surprisingly Charming

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Allison Williams Laughing

Last night Allison Williams stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her father, Brian Williams. Probably also the second season of Girlsbut mostly her father. Because elephant in the room, she's directly related to one of the dilfiest older gentleman on TV. I'm not sure how we ever got through the evening news without his face. My sincere condolences to all the generations before us who had to watch other less-attractive men tell them the horrific things happening in this world. (Also my condolences to people who had to literally watch the news to find out what was happening. Can you imagine!? #OldenTimesRSadFace)

While I've always like Allison Williams, my feelings never went much beyond that. But after seeing her on the show last night I'm kind of in love. She's funny! And slightly weird! Which isn't a word I'd think would describe her before seeing this video. However I'm not sure what other word you'd use to a describe a girl who's imagined how her father would deliver her obituary on air.

When she tells Jimmy Kimmel how she imagines it would go, it's clear she's thought about this before. A lot. And I love it! Because sometimes, believe it or not, I think really weird things too and I'm always like “thank God none of my friends can read minds right now. Because if they could, they'd know that I'm not really this conflicted about what to order off this brunch menu. They'd know other things. Creepy things. Morbid things. The kind of stuff that doesn't really fly in casual conversation.”

But now I feel like i could maybe share this stuff with them. Now that Allison William's described her death to us, (I won't spoil it for you, but it's not dying from an avalanche of cliche Girls criticism that everyone just keeps rephrasing every week), I feel like a whole lotta weird convo's on the table now. So thanks A. Willy, you just made my day. And my obituary, yep that's right. In my obituary fantasies, the entire cast of Girls reads mine aloud from an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn.