Allison Janney Made Not One But Two Orgasm Jokes While Accepting Awards Last Night

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Allison Janney Critics Choice Television Awards June 2014

If Hollywood were a big extended family, Allison Janney would be the cool aunt who stays up late with you watching horror movies and lets you have a sip of her wine. And I am obsessed with it. She always plays awesome ladies in movies and on television, and then she goes and acts just as awesome in real life. Take last night, for instance, when she won two separate Critics' Choice Television Awards and proceeded to make two separate sex jokes in her speeches.

The first award Allison won was for Guest Performer in a Drama Series, for Masters of Sex. So it was totally relevant to the situation when she declared, immediately after reaching the stage, “I just… came.” I can just see the censor person sitting in their little censorship room with their hand hovering over the big red bleep button (I don't really know how this stuff works), struggling to decide whether or not to push it. I'm sure time slowed down during that seconds-long delay while they asked themselves, “Is that on the list of things to bleep? Is she just catching her breath before finishing the sentence? ‘I just came… from my seat in the audience to accept this award?' Is that what she's going to say?! Oh no why did I major in Award Show Censorship? I should have chosen Chemistry.”

Of course Allison didn't add more onto that sentence, and the bleep button remained unpushed. But that wasn't the end of it. Allison also won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Mom (wow, twice in one night, what stamina), and she made sure to say, “This is the climax of my career.” You can watch both moments go down in the videos below. Oh and also, I'll have what she's having.

(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)