Allison DuBois on Oprah

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I got it all. I'm both a medium and a psychic. I assist law enforcement to help…to bring conclusion to criminal cases. The way that I do that is I head-tap the criminal. I get into their head, I hear their thoughts, I look through their eyes.

That is Allison DuBois, speaking on Oprah yesterday. Actually, it was one of several taped segments they interspersed with her live appearance. If you have read her books, Don't Kiss Them Goodbye and We Are Their Heaven, you are already familiar with her stories about how her great grandfather was the first dead person to visit her and how a little voice
in her head told her to move her bed one night, which she did, and then a truck plowed through the wall while she was sleeping and landed right where her bed had been before she moved it.

She has also mentioned previously that her daughters are psychic, but offered this new tidbit on Oprah:

Our oldest Aurora and our youngest Sophia, they're mediums, but Fallon [the middle child] can locate objects like nobody I've ever seen. It doesn't bother my girls to have the souls of any of the victims of the cases that I've worked around. I'm not saying our house is wall-to-wall victims. Just, there are a few that are regulars, we'll call them that. They'll pop in and out and we're good with that.

I will have more tomorrow but, in the meantime, did you see the show? What are your thoughts? Did you watch the John Edwards segment?

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